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What Is an Emergency Roadside Assistance and How to Become One

What Are Jobs in Emergency Roadside Assistance Services?

Jobs in emergency roadside assistance include a variety of positions in dispatching, towing, repair, and insurance. Most insurance companies offer emergency roadside assistance benefits as part of certain automotive policies. In this field, you may respond to calls from a customer and dispatch service professionals to the site of a customer’s disabled vehicle. Other jobs may involve helping a motorist tow a disabled vehicle or performing a variety of common maintenance tasks on-site. Repairs can include providing gas for an empty tank, replacing a blown tire, or swapping batteries. Many people in this field work on-call.

How to Get a Job Working in Emergency Roadside Assistance Services

The primary qualifications for getting a job in emergency roadside assistance depend on the position. Some roles, such as dispatcher, may only require a high school diploma and some understanding of common vehicle problems. An emergency mechanic needs experience performing maintenance on different types of vehicles, so you can respond to any customer or motorist whose car is disabled. Tow truck drivers should have a CDL, and some states may require additional certification. First responder training, including CPR and basic life support training, is useful but not required. Fulfilling the responsibilities of a job in emergency roadside assistance services requires communication and mechanical skills.