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What Is an Electrical Engineering Manager and How to Become One

What Does an Electrical Engineering Manager Do?

As an electrical engineering manager, your job is to manage electrical engineering projects for your company. In this role, you may make hiring decisions, troubleshoot common problems, and give the final approval for the design of an electrical system. This is primarily a management position, but it does require you to know enough about electrical systems to make big decisions. Some details of this job depend on the employer. Large facilities and factories may have dedicated electrical engineering managers, while others may contract you for the duration of a specific job. This position also requires memorizing and enforcing all relevant regulations, including OSHA safety guidelines for working on or near electrical systems.

How to Become an Electrical Engineering Manager

The primary qualifications for becoming an electrical engineering manager are a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and several years of experience in a senior engineering position. Many people in this field have a degree in electrical engineering, but most employers are willing to be flexible about this. If you know you want to become an electrical engineering manager, earning a master's degree can help you reach your goal. Additional industry licenses and certifications can help you develop relevant skill sets. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of an electrical engineering manager requires leadership skills, attention to detail, and experience with various systems or toolsets.