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What Is an Educational Technician and How to Become One

What Is an Educational Technician?

An educational technician works in a school providing support services to teachers. As an educational technician, you may focus on helping special needs students who need additional one-on-one support in the classroom. In general, you support all students’ emotional, intellectual, and behavioral development as needed. Your job duties include helping students study the daily learning material, designing activity plans for students, supporting teachers by grading papers, and assisting with department-wide administrative duties. The qualifications to have a career as an educational technician vary. Some employers require a high school diploma while others require additional educational experience and teacher certifications. All educational technician positions require excellent communications skills and attention to detail.

How to Become an Educational Technician

The qualifications for an Educational Technician vary from state to state. In some cases, you’ll only need a high school diploma, but in others, school districts prefer that candidates have at least some prior classroom experience. An associates degree or bachelor’s degree will dramatically expand your job prospects, especially in an education-related field. At the very least, it helps to have completed some college-level coursework in the subject you’ll be supporting. Oftentimes, school districts require a background check for anyone working in the classroom. You will work in spaces where additional support is needed, including special education or behavioral classrooms. In these cases, certification will boost your job search; Educational Technician certification programs combine coursework with field experience. All Educational Technicians, no matter their prior experience and credentials, should demonstrate patience and an aptitude for teaching.