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What Is a Driver Assistant and How to Become One

What Is a Driver Assistant?

As a driver assistant, you help truck drivers with all aspect of their jobs, barring driving the truck itself. Although you do not typically drive, you are responsible for road safety, safe cargo stowage, and occasional product assembly. You often work independently to load and unload goods from trucks at the receiving company. Becoming a driver assistant does not require you have formal qualifications or education, but prior experience in warehouse environments can set you ahead of other candidates. Duties typically include handling heavy loads, working flexible hours, and performing regular safety inspections. Most driver’s assistants use the skills and experience they gain to move on to a career as a driver, or a supervisory position within a warehouse.

How to Become a Driver Assistant

To become a Driver Assistant, you typically do not need secondary schooling. However, you do need a high school diploma or GED for most Driver Assistant roles. Though it's not always required, having previous delivery or driving experience, warehouse experience, and road safety knowledge may set you apart from other candidates and set you up for success in your role. Depending on the state in which you live and the industry you work in, you may need to obtain specific certifications. Many employers provide on-the-job training to help grow your skills and further your career in the industry.