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What Is a Customer Service Representative Work From Home and How to Become One

What Are Work From Home Customer Service Representative Jobs?

The job duties of a work from home customer service representative focus on providing support for patrons who contract a company with questions or support requests. In this position, you work on your home computer and use a telephone cell phone to field calls. Your responsibilities usually include answering inbound phone calls, though some virtual customer service reps also help customers troubleshoot via email or over a chat application. You assess the needs of each customer, answer relevant questions, and respond to any service requests. In these jobs, you follow employer or client guidelines and procedures when responding to issues.

How Can I Get a Job as a Customer Service Representative Working From Home?

The qualifications that you need to get a customer service job in which you work from home include communication skills, a high school diploma or GED certificate, and a computer that can access your employer’s call logging system or chat application. Phone-based customer service work usually requires a landline. Employers seek applicants with at least a high school diploma, and most prefer experience in phone-based or face-to-face customer service positions. If you provide technical support for telecommunications or IT customers, you may need an associate degree or equivalent experience in the area in which you work.