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What Is a Costumer and How to Become One

What Is a Costumer?

A costumer designs and distributes costumes in the film or theatre industry. These fashion professionals specialize in creating unique and period-specific costumes to be worn by actors in the performance and are critical to the success of any production. As a costumer, you work with the director, producer, and set designer to develop costumes that fit the style of the production. Your job duties include designing the actor’s wardrobes, assist with the fitting for each character, and making alterations and repairs as necessary.

How to Become a Costumer

To become a costumer, earn a bachelor’s degree in film, theatre, fashion, or a related field. Costumers must also be proficient in sewing and tailoring clothes, so experience as a seamstress or tailor is a plus. Practice developing costumes for different productions, researching the time period of the film or play for accuracy and making sketches for every character. Intern or apprentice with a veteran costumer to gain experience in the field. Once you have a substantial portfolio, seek costumer positions with playhouses and production studios.