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What Is a Control Systems Engineer and How to Become One

What Is a Control Systems Engineer?

A control systems engineer’s duties include designing, building and maintaining instrumentation, monitors, and other equipment used to control complex systems. Some examples of these control systems include navigation networks, production machinery gauges, and computer system monitors. It is the control systems engineer’s job to maintain safe and efficient field operation of the equipment and to ensure the safety of those utilizing the equipment. These skilled engineers are typically well versed in mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering concepts and design.

How to Become a Control Systems Engineer

The qualifications to have a career as a control systems engineer begin with earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering. There are many possible fields of study, including electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Many companies prefer that you have a master’s degree as well. The next step in the process is to become licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE). You should also seek out internships while earning your graduate degrees so that you can gain valuable skills and experience from companies.