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What Is a Construction Operations Manager and How to Become One

What Is the Job of a Construction Operations Manager?

As a construction operations manager, your job is to oversee a construction project on behalf of your employer. In this context, a construction project is any plan to build, repair, or demolish a structure. As the operations manager, you may participate in the project planning, help determine the budget, select any necessary contractors, review paperwork and permits before submission, and direct the daily operations of each project. You may also coach and mentor employees, help with strategic planning for company growth, and develop professional relationships with both your employer and your company's customers. You may be asked to oversee multiple projects at the same time.

How to Become a Construction Operations Manager

The primary qualifications for becoming a construction operations manager are a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and five years of experience. This is a relatively senior position, so employers strongly prefer to hire applicants who have demonstrated the skills necessary for every step of the construction operations process. Most managers start at a relatively low position and work their way up to this job. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a construction operations manager requires communication skills, leadership skills, the ability to travel as needed, and the ability to read and understand complex construction documents. Additional certifications, such as the OSHA 30-hour safety training, can help you stand out from other applicants.