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What Is a Cat Sitter and How to Become One

What Is a Cat Sitter?

A cat sitter is a pet care professional that specializes in caring for cats. As a cat sitter, your job involves staying with or checking on the cat while its owner is away, whether just for the day or overnight. Typical duties include feeding, changing water, cleaning litter boxes, administering medication, and providing company. Some cat sitters are self-employed as an owner of their own pet care business, but you can also work through an agency or simply freelance as a second job. This career requires a flexible schedule, professional appearance, and experience working with animals. Clients often prefer those with a list of references from other clients.

How to Become a Cat Sitter

There are no universal qualifications to become a cat sitter. While experience with animals is beneficial, you can find jobs with no previous work history. You can gain your first references by caring for the cats of friends, family, coworkers, and other acquaintances. Use each opportunity to work with a new client as a chance to spread your name through word-of-mouth advertising. To start a full cat sitting business, you may need a local business license and special insurance.

How to Be a Good Cat Sitter

A good cat sitter is passionate about cats. You should maintain up-to-date knowledge of cat behavior and health, including basic pet first-aid. Self-employed cat sitters need strong business skills to advertise your business and develop relationships with clients. Those working for an established pet care company should follow your employer’s protocol and represent them in a professional manner. While caring for the cat is your primary duty, a good cat sitter can also complete home sitting tasks, such as bringing in the mail and watering plants.