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What Is a Cable Technician and How to Become One

What Is the Job of a Cable Technician?

Cable technicians install, repair, and maintain residential or business internet and cable services. They service feeder lines to provide cable access to multiple homes and work with drop lines that enable individual access for one home. This area of work frequently involves being outdoors and traveling in utility vehicles. Cable technicians use tools such as cable reels, cable splitters, and other diagnostic equipment. They communicate with customers and their team to explain and troubleshoot issues, and they work to fix these problems.

What Is a Cable Installer Job?

The job of a cable installer, sometimes called a cable technician, is to go to businesses and customers’ homes to install and test telecommunications devices that broadcast signals for the internet, television, and telephone. Installations may take place in newly constructed or established residences.

What Are Cable Technician Job Qualifications?

Cable technicians do not need a college degree. However, having a thorough understanding of electronics, electricity, and telecommunications is extremely beneficial. The most critical qualification for this career is experience in the field. Cable technicians should take on apprenticeship opportunities, and often long-term job training is required. Additionally, receiving and maintaining licenses and certification through organizations like the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee may be helpful, if not required.