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What Is an AutoCAD Operator and How to Become One

What Does an AutoCAD Operator Do?

An AutoCAD Operator is an individual that uses computer-aided design (CAD) software for electronic drafting of custom blueprints. Your responsibilities in this career are to utilize the software to create technical drawings and designs that can be used to create projects in various industries. You can find work as an AutoCAD operator with construction companies and manufacturing firms, but you can also branch out into other areas, such as electronics, architecture, and aeronautics. You typically work in an office environment, and your duties may require you to work with other AutoCAD operators to make revisions on your blueprints. On occasion, you may be required to go into the field to oversee the implementation of your design as various workers interpret the specifications of your blueprints.

How to Become an AutoCAD Operator

The qualifications needed to become an AutoCAD Operator include an associate degree in engineering, computer-aided design, or a similar area. Some employers require a bachelor’s degree. Along with the academic requirements, you need experience working with AutoCAD software. However, many employers accept your academic design portfolio as experience. To succeed as an AutoCAD operator, you need technical aptitude, interpersonal skills, and a sharp eye for detail.