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What Is an Administrative Assistant Bookkeeper and How to Become One

What Does an Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper Do?

As an administrative assistant and bookkeeper, your job is to provide various clerical and accounting services for your employer. In this role, you may perform data entry, monitor company finances, track adherence to a budget, record expenses, and deposit checks in accounts. You may also help create a report whenever it is necessary for tax purposes. Many companies separate these two positions. When these roles are combined, it usually means that the company has a smaller number of transactions and clients of which to keep track. The details of this job are typically similar regardless of employer, but hours may vary based on company needs.

How to Get an Administrative Assistant/Bookkeepering Job

The qualifications for getting an administrative assistant and bookkeeping job depend on the employer but usually include at least some formal training as an accountant. Bookkeeping is the more important part of the job, so employers may prefer applicants who have some prior experience in monitoring a budget, keeping track of expenses, or managing accounts. The administrative assistant side or this role does not require any specific education, though previous experience in an office or data entry role can help you stand out from other candidates. Fulfilling the responsibilities of an administrative assistant/bookkeeper requires time management skills, interpersonal skills, flexibility, and creativity. In rare cases, you may need to report an incomplete or inaccurate financial record to the company or other regulators.