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What Is an Accounting Representative and How to Become One

What Is an Accounting Representative?

An accounting representative can encompass many roles, including a financial bookkeeper, accounting clerk, or auditing clerk. Accounting representatives perform financial services and analysis to confirm that a company’s financial records are accurate. As an accounting representative, your responsibilities may include analyzing data from financial reports, managing the process of obtaining payments for collections services or billing services, and overseeing invoices. You may also examine a company’s accounts receivable records to find discrepancies and determine potential reconciliation methods. Accounting representatives often utilize mathematical models and bookkeeping software to perform their job duties.

How to Become an Accounting Representative

Employers typically prefer accounting representatives with relevant experience and postsecondary education in accounting, finance, or a related field. However, accounting representatives are also hired with only a high school diploma or GED certificate and trained on the job. There are also certification programs that can help you gain expertise in the field and boost your career prospects. Additional qualifications include strong mathematical skills, keen attention to detail, and computer proficiency.